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This course will equip you with the tools and techniques to write exceptional speeches. So whether you are a student or working at an office; whether you are speaking at a function or struggling to organize your next presentation this course is for you.

The series of videos will help you in coming up with ideas and then finally putting pen to paper. Along the way, you’ll learn many tips and tricks to research, support and organize your content.


Who should take this course?

  • This course is for anyone who wants to write a speech. No prior experience in public speaking is required.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course
Video: Introduction to the speech writing course 00:01:46
Know what should you expect from the course.
Section 1: Taking the first steps
Video: Picking the perfect topic 00:01:24
How to select the appropriate topic of your speech.
Video: How and where to gather the key arguments for your speech 00:01:25
How to develop your key talking points.
Quiz: Taking the first steps 00:08:00
Activity: Researching the main ideas of your speech 24 hours
Assignment: Taking the first steps 2 days
Section 2: Structuring the speech
Video: How to organize the arguments of your speech 00:02:42
Learn to organize the building blocks of your speech.
Quiz: Structuring the speech 00:06:00
Assignment: Structuring the speech 2 days
Section 3: Using and placing supporting materials
Video: What is supporting material, and how to organize them? 00:03:13
How to search for references, stories, statistics, etc. to strengthen your argument.
Quiz: Using and placing supporting materials 00:04:00
Activity: Finding supporting materials for your ideas 24 hours
Section 4: Making the speech more audience-centric
Video: Keep your audience engaged by using signposts 00:03:04
Learn techniques that would keep your audience engaged throughout the speech.
Quiz: Making the speech more audience-centric 00:06:00
Activity: Use signposts in your speech 24 hours
Section 5: Sandwich the main ideas with a stellar start and an end
Video: Capture attention with a strong introduction 00:01:50
Learn how to prepare a strong introduction to catch the attention of your audience from the very beginning of the speech.
Video: Make a lasting impression with a strong conclusion 00:01:26
How to craft a conclusion that would make an impact.
Quiz: Sandwich the main ideas with a stellar start and an end 00:10:00
Activity: Write a strong introduction for your speech 24 hours
Activity: Write a powerful conclusion for your speech 24 hours
Section 6: Outlining your speech
Video: How do I write an outline to my speech? 00:03:58
Assignment: Outlining your speech 2 days

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  1. Effective


    The instructions about writing speeches were logical and relevant,Whole session was nice. Tami Mahmud vaia was great at presenting the issues and points..All over it is helpful i think.

  2. My learning


    That’s great initiative to learn the system of Public speaking. I am a regular public speaker and I think that is good explanation but in case of argument part, may use some more details explanation to the learners.
    Thank you.

  3. 3

    ভালো, সম্পূর্ণ কোর্সটি বাংলায় হলে আরো সুবিধা হয়।

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