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What you will learn:

  • Understanding the significance of storytelling in 21st century and why we need them now, more than ever before
  • Learning the key to using rhetoric and how you can apply it in your story
  • Learning the three steps to tell your powerful story and also apply it to writing
  • Share your story to receive feedback on areas that require improvement



Often times, we use statistics to show how authentic our say is. We then forget that we have our own relatable stories to tell instead. The best messages we remember are the stories we heard when we were young. It is so because morals/messages were packaged into stories and that is how the message was not lost as time changed.

This course uses various examples to illustrate the different tools being taught. It also has assignments at the end of each section to ensure proper learning taking place. The aim of this course is to understand story-telling as an enlightening technique in establishing ideas so that the message would not only last in the minds of the audience but be transferred from one to another.

Who should take this course?

  • This course is for anyone who wants to use a powerful speech as part of their¬†speech. No prior experience in public speaking is required.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course! 00:00:00
Section 1: Importance of storytelling in the 21st century
Video: Why we need more storytellers now than ever 00:01:42
Know what would you will learn from the course.
Activity: Defining an issue 2 days
Section 2: Making your story persuasive
Video: Exploring the power of rhetorics 00:07:36
Learn how to influence audience by incorporating different rhetoric into your story.
Quiz: Making your story persuasive 00:10:00
Activity: Is your speech persuasive enough? 2 days
Section 3: Shaping your story
Video: Incorporating a narrative 00:02:34
Learn how to include public narrative into your story.
Activity: Identify your audience 2 days
Video: Setting the context 00:03:31
Learn how to frame the context of your story.
Video: Unveiling the power of emotions 00:03:09
Learn to incorporate public narrative into your story to make more impact.
Quiz: Shaping your story 00:10:00
Assignment: Write your own story 2 days
Section 4: Revamping your story
Video: 5 tips to improving your story line 03:12:00
Learn tools to make your story more effective.
Activity: Crafting your own story 2 days
Capstone Project
Assignment: Sharing your story 2 days

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