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About us


BYLCx is Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center's online learning academy. Our mission is to democratize 21st century skills training for Bangladeshi youth, by making meaningful online learning experiences available from anywhere, at any time. BYLCx courses cover a wide range of topics, including communication, critical thinking, professional development, leadership, entrepreneurship, and much more. Our curriculum is designed in consultation with industry experts to provide the most relevant and up-to-date material, and certificates are issued on course completion. BYLCx courses are designed to not only increase our students' employability, but also to challenge them to think about their values, purpose and the impact they can have in their lives.

BYLCx is building on BYLC's mission to empower and engage Bangladeshi youth to be active citizens and make meaningful impact in public, private, and civil sectors. By making our content available online, we hope to extend our own reach and impact in building a prosperous, just, and inclusive world driven by courageous, compassionate, and competent leaders.