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Event Planning

Event Planning

Event planning is required for all events from Birthdays to Global Conferences.
What is the secret to a successful event? The answer is planning. Proper planning about all aspects of an event is crucial to its success. This course gives a step by step guide to planning an event’s budget, food, transport, venue, arranging activities, coordination, and much more.
This course is not only for those organizing an event but will be handy for those who want to be part of the organizing team as well.

Last Update শুক্রবার 05 জুন 2020
Completion Time 1 ঘন্টা 19 মিনিট
Members 1201
    • 01. Start with the purpose and audience
    • 02. Prepare the realistic budget
    • 03. Tips for an effective budget
    • 04. Venue selection
    • 05. Food and Beverage
    • 06. Planning for technology
    • 07. Gifts
    • 08. Promotion
    • 09. One week before the event
    • 10. Preparing schedule
    • 11. Challenges and solutions during the event day
    • 12. Post-event activities
    • Assessment and Certificate