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Excel for Professionals (Part-1)

Excel for Professionals (Part-1)

Microsoft Excel is fully integrated into all businesses in today's age. Mastering its functionality is not only recommended but also required. This Part-1 of the FREE "Excel for Professionals" online course is specifically tailored for those working in some form of business capacity. This course is for you if you want to improve your Excel skills so that you may use them in any industry or business, rapidly improve your resume, and perform better than your peers.

By taking this course you will be able to:
• Navigate and learn the basics of the Excel user interface
• Analyze and Manipulate Data
• Perform Business Centric Excel Formulas
• Save Time and Effort in Your Work
• Become a Better Business Professional

Last Update মঙ্গলবার 19 সেপ্টেম্বর 2023
Completion Time 3 ঘন্টা 59 মিনিট
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  • Navigation and Basics
    • Understanding worksheet (Insert, Rename, Delete, Move & Copy)
    • Understanding Rows and Columns
    • Row and Column operation (Insert & Delete)
  • Data Entry
    • Text entry and customization
    • Formatting Cells
    • Fill Handle
    • Different types of paste option
    • Data validation
    • Cell referencing
  • Data Cleaning
    • Text functions for data cleaning
    • Find and Replace
    • Sort and Filter
    • Table creation
    • Remove duplicates and remove blanks
  • Basic Data Analysis
    • Arithmetic operation
    • Sum and Average
    • Min and Max
    • Count function
    • Excel for Professionals: Practice File
    • Assessment and Certificate