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Excel for Professionals (Part-1)

Excel for Professionals (Part-1)

Enroll right away to learn all the basics there are to know about Microsoft Excel, the most widely used spreadsheet tool available. We will walk you through each step of the process starting from the very beginning.
You will learn Excel tools as you engage in each of the three courses, taking the agony out of your daily tasks. Starting with the fundamentals, this course will offer you a strong foundation and more insight as you continue to topics at the second and the third course.
You will have mastered the most common Excel tools after completing this course, and you'll leave with the assurance to finish any jobs in Excel quickly and effectively.
So start the course now. Learn Excel and go home early.

Last Update বুধবার 27 জুলাই 2022
Completion Time 3 ঘন্টা 59 মিনিট
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  • Navigation and Basics
    • Navigating the Excel user interface
    • Understanding worksheet (Insert, Rename, Delete, Move & Copy)
    • Understanding Rows and Columns
    • Row and Column operation (Insert & Delete)
  • Data Entry
    • Text entry and customization
    • Formatting Cells
    • Fill Handle
    • Different types of paste option
    • Data validation
    • Cell referencing
  • Data Cleaning
    • Text functions for data cleaning
    • Find and Replace
    • Sort and Filter
    • Table creation
    • Remove duplicates and remove blanks
  • Basic Data Analysis
    • Arithmetic operation
    • Sum and Average
    • Min and Max
    • Count function
    • Excel for Professionals: Practice File
    • Assessment and Certificate