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Résumé Writing Masterclass

Résumé Writing Masterclass

Do you ever ponder why jobs frequently go to those who are "less qualified" than you? Most people believe that the candidate with the best qualifications will be hired. However, the truth is that most often, the most prepared candidate wins the job rather than the most qualified one! And getting ready for a job starts with your Résumé...

The main reason behind a Résumé not getting shortlisted are:
- Contain insufficient data.
- Contain an abundance of inaccurate information.
- Include information that isn't relevant to that position.
- Don't highlight your best qualities or qualifications for the position.
- Don’t quantify your experience properly

You see, there are a few crucial elements that your Résumé MUST contain if you want to catch the hiring manager's eye and improve your chances of getting the job.
Your Résumé must:
- Showcase your distinctive worth to the firm to attract the recruiting manager's attention.
- Showcase your quantifiable, pertinent accomplishments and demonstrate how they will help the firm.
- By tailoring your CV to the job description, you can satisfy the needs of the hiring manager.
- By positioning the proper components in the proper locations and in the proper priority sequence, you can draw the hiring manager's attention.

This masterclass will be your guide to making a job-winning Résumé. Therefore, be sure to enroll in this free course if you want to be the most prepared candidate going in for that job

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    • 4. MIT & Stanford Standard Résumé Format
    • 5. Order of Representation
    • 6. Standard “Picture” in Your Résumé
    • 7. Details about “The Header”
    • 8. Your Education, Honors & Awards
    • 9. Portray Your Professional Experience
    • 10. PAR Method Using Action Verb
    • 11. Your Leadership and Extracurricular Activities
    • 12. Presenting Your Additional Skills
    • 13. Tailoring Your Résumé for Professionals Part 1
    • 14. Tailoring Your Résumé for Professionals Part 2
    • 15. Tailoring Your Résumé for Freshers
    • 16. Final Tips before Submitting Your Résumé
    • 17. How an Employer Will Shortlist Your Résumé
    • Resource 1: List of Action Verbs
    • Resource 2: Resume Checklist
    • Assessment and Certificate