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ACE (Acquiring Competencies for Employment)

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

ACE (Acquiring Competencies for Employment) is a two week-long professional development training program designed for university students enrolled in undergraduate and master’s program. In this program, you will complete seven online courses from BYLCx, BYLC’s online learning academy. It is an incredible opportunity for graduating students to learn and sharpen their skills required for 21st century workplace. Starting from English grammar to business negotiation—you will find a variety of scopes to hone your subjective and practical knowledge. Taught via a blended module of physical and online classes, this training program intends to make the learners employable for the current job market and thus, utilize the full potential of the young people.


This course is invite only. You have to be a selected member of the ACE (Acquiring Competencies for Employment) program to access its content.