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Business Communication Toolkit for United Group

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Effective communication has emerged as the global tool for trade and commerce in the past few decades, affecting many aspects of business in the modern world. In any business role, we must deliver our ideas in ways that guarantee effective decision making, transparency, and swift action.

In this six-week program, learners are expected to delve into the communication tools and techniques that are comprehensive and impactful. Exploring listening, speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication, this program will help participants become a more persuasive communicator in wide range of settings. With the systemic combination of online and physical classes, the participants will become confident communicator with a solid understanding of each learning module.

By providing effective tips and tricks and thoughtful exercises, we have put the lectures into practice. By the time our learners sign out from the course, we expect them to have skills needed to strengthen a good working relationship through better communication.

Learning outcome:

1. By the end of first week, the participants will have improved listening skills which ultimately will help to understand their work better with minimal follow-up from the top management. 2. By the end of second week, they will be able to develop system reading and improve their comprehension from reading. 3. By the end of third week, participants will understand the interpersonal nature of requesting, giving feedback, cross-cultural communication, and managing criticism. 4. By the end of fourth week, they will learn appropriate use of words and phrases that will help them negotiate business deals better. 5. By the end of fifth week, they will develop their business writing skills that ultimately will benefit them to communicate with their stakeholders more professionally. 6. By the end of final week, they will be able to diagnose their problems from different perspectives and elaborate on multiple concepts objectively, and consider facts to reach sound and logical conclusions.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Farah Chowdhury

Farah is working as the Manager in the Office of Professional Development (OPD) team at Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC). Farah is managing OPD’s initiative of training and placing youth in meaningful positions in private, public, and civil sector. Farah is also overseeing the corporate training section of BYLC. She is one of the lead instructors in the professional development trainings, and train professionals and fresh graduates with the 21st century skills for thriving in the rapidly changing job market. Farah leads the professional development curriculum design that focuses on building leadership, problem solving, and communication skills in participants.

Prior to working at BYLC, Farah worked for Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, BRAC University, and an accounting firm in USA. In her last role as a Project Manager, Farah closely worked with all internal and external stakeholders in successfully planning and implementing a project of prevention of aging of accounts receivables.

Farah competed her executive education in The Art and Practice of Leadership Development from Harvard University, USA. She earned her master’s degree in business economics from Brooklyn College, USA, and was awarded with the Brooklyn College Foundation General Scholarships Fund for outstanding academic achievements in 2014. During her bachelor’s in economics and finances at BRAC University, Bangladesh, she consistently secured performance-based scholarship and was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Medal for obtaining the highest CGPA in the graduating batches of 2010.

Course Staff Image #2

Sanjida Chowdhury

Sanjida Chowdhury is currently working as an Executive at the Office of Professional Development (OPD), Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC). She is responsible for developing online learning content for BYLC graduates’ professional skill development, building marketing strategy to increase graduate outreach, writing knowledge-based article for online and offline publication, building sustainable relationship with potential recruiters, communicating with public and private organizations with a view to placing BYLC graduates in different organizations, and assembling data for graduate database.

Sanjida is BRAC University graduate with a major in English literature. She is a selected tutee of Scholars’ Program, an exceptional program initiated by the Department of English and Humanities, BRAC University, which seeks to provide students an opportunity to complement their undergraduate studies with regular interdisciplinary course work, training in leadership, and close faculty monitoring to prepare them for professional advancement. Prior to working at BYLC, Sanjida worked at The Daily Star as a feature writer for a year. She worked as the reporter and writer at The Bulletin, a daily official magazine of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association 2017 and extended her assistance in conducting one—on—one interviews with foreign delegates and members of parliaments, press conferences and round tables. In addition, she has firsthand experience in content development, article writing, and freelancing.

Course Staff Image #3

Sami Ahmed

Sami is working as a Customer Happiness Executive in BYLCx. His core responsibility includes collecting customer feedback and providing actionable insight to ensure the fulfillment of customer’s needs and expectations, developing customer service procedures, policies and standards in collaboration with the team as well as meeting the efficiency of crucial KPIs, including email response rates, live chat response rates and comment response rates. In addition, he is also responsible for keeping up to date with customers service best practices; including potential training and new technology recommendations.

Sami has completed his bachelor’s degree in International Business from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia. He received a distinction award for obtaining a high CGPA in the graduating batches of 2018. Prior to working at BYLC, he interned in T-Systems Malaysia a Deutsche telecom subsidiary as a Global Sales Intern. Over the span of his academic life, he accumulated a year of experience working for Mastermind Community Service as a Vice President. In his extra-curricular activities, he became a champion and runners-up in the year 2018 and 2017, representing Bangladesh at a global cultural event in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Course Staff Image #4

Asma Ul Husna Sanchita

Asma Ul Husna is currently working as an Executive at BYLCx. Her core responsibilities include managing the production of video lectures, developing content strategy, and designing courses for BYLCx. Prior to joining BYLCx team, Asma worked to streamline the admissions process and facilitated in various on-campus leadership programs at BYLC. In the past, she was responsible for social media content generation, online and offline promotion and event management at Mighty Punch Studios, a local creative agency dedicated to animated ad making and comics creation.

Sanchita completed BSc in Civil Engineering from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology and MBA majoring in marketing from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. In 2018, she completed a 10 km marathon in the Dhaka Women’s Marathon.

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