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Digital Citizenship

About This Course

Digital citizen refers to a person who has the skills and knowledge to become responsible and confident while using digital platforms and technologies. BYLCx is offering this course for those who want to use the best of digital technologies and platforms in a respectful and appropriate way. In this course, you will learn:

1. What digital footprint is and how to control your own

2. How you can protect yourself by understanding the tools and techniques for digital safety and security

3. Your digital rights and responsibilities which will help you protect your online property and deal with cybercrime.

4. Digital communication, online research, online shopping, and digital etiquette

5. How to maintain your digital health and wellbeing.



Course Staff

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Jamia Rahman Tisa

Tisa was a Junior Consultant and Instructor at BYLCx. Her core responsibilities included developing course curriculum and delivering video lectures. She has more than 2 years of experience in training facilitation and adolescent development field where she worked with different organizations including BRAC, British Council, VSO, UNICEF, etc. Prior to joining at BYLCx, she served as an intern at ActionAid Bangladesh and BYLC. Tisa completed her Bachelors in Child Development and Social Relationship and is looking forward to peruse her higher studies in child development and education. She loves to read books and watch travel and wildlife documentaries in her leisure time.