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Quick Guide to English Grammar Part 1

About This Course

This course will increase awareness and provide guidance through some common grammatical mistakes, that unintentionally slip through while speaking or writing in English. This course contains examples, which illustrate the mistakes and their corrected forms followed by a thorough explanation for each. The course includes some practice material that will help learners practice what they have learned and prevent them from repeating such errors.

Course Staff

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Zaima Zahra

Zaima Zahra completed her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English from BRAC University and her Masters in Education (MEd) in Educational Leadership and School Improvement from BRAC University.

Currently working as a Senior Executive in the BYLCx team, Zaima was working with an ed-tech company Teach It!- Which had a goal of ensuring the availability of experiential learning. Previously, she completed her two years of fellowship at Teach for Bangladesh. The fellowship was solely circulating around the vision of providing excellent education to every child while practicing leadership skills.

With the aim of spreading practicable leadership skills, Zaima joined BYLCx with the job responsibility of developing curriculum and courses based on identified learning needs, while incorporating innovative teaching methods to ensure fruitful outcomes. She believes in providing tools that are accessible and useful to master 21st Century Skills. She envisions a Bangladesh with hopefulness, where everyone can contribute to the betterment of the country.