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Writing Professional Emails

About This Course

In the 21st century, email is considered to be as one of the most common forms of business communication. Every second million of emails are sent throughout the world, but very few senders know how to write a professional email in the right way. Often we encounter students complaining that they have sent emails to potential employers but they haven’t received any response to their emails. Some common mistakes ruin the open rates of emails which is why it is important to make sure that it gives the right message to the recipient and is organized and professional.

This course will lay out the 3 basic easy steps to email writing ensuring positive impression and faster replies from recipients.



Fees and Scholarships

This course has a fee of 1500 taka. However, the first 1000 students who sign up for this course shall receive full scholarship. There is no separate application needed.

Some scholarships are still available. Enroll now.

Course Staff

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Towhid Khan

Towhid Khan is currently the Manager of BYLC Office of Professional Development. He has extensive work experience in project management, capacity development, financial management, strategic planning, and business development. Prior to working in BYLC, he worked in BRAC JPG School of Public Health as a Project Coordinator of GlaxoSmithKline funded project to develop soft skills for mid-level public health managers. Previously, he also worked in mPower Social Enterprise and a World Bank funded research project.

He has an MBA in International Business from University of Hawaii, USA, where he studied as an Asian Development Bank Scholar. He also completed his International Management certificate program from Stanford University and Leadership Certificate Program from East West Center, USA.