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Public Speaking for BBLT: Writing a Powerful Speech

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

BBLT (Building Bridges through Leadership Training) is BYLC’s 10-week long signature leadership training program. Designed for HSC/Alim/A Levels and first and second year university students, the BBLT program uses a competitive selection process to enroll 42-47 students from three different educational tracks, namely English medium, Bengali medium, and Madrassa, in equal numbers. The curriculum for the program draws heavily from leadership courses taught at Harvard University. The intensive training program, coupled with an experiential learning model, challenges students to critically think about leadership and apply their skills to effectuate positive change in society. In the first phase of the program, students conduct experiments, take risks, and question deeply held assumptions in the classroom. In the second phase, students have the opportunity to translate their learning into action by implementing community service projects in underprivileged communities.

BBLT companion course is an aid for this BBLT program. If you are a current participant of BBLT then this companion course is here to give you a better learning experiences.


This course is invite only. You have to be a selected member of the BBLT (Building Bridges through Leadership Training) program to access its content.