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Youth Leadership Summit 2018: Companion Course

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This is a companion course of Youth Leadership Summit 2018 designed to enhance the learning experience of the Summit delegates. The materials provided in this course is intended to complement your understanding of the Summit subject areas.

The Youth Leadership Summit 2018 (YLS), to be held on September 27-29, will bring together 400 young people of diverse backgrounds and professions from all over Bangladesh for three days of leadership training, discussions on social issues, and collaborative activities. The Summit will feature knowledge sharing plenaries on issues that affect youth including public leadership, gender equality, peace and inclusiveness, education, and employment. Participation at the Summit will not just last three days, delegates will be engaged throughout the year to ensure that youth voices are included in government agendas.


This course is invitation only. You have to be a selected member of the Youth Leadership Summit 2018 to access its content.