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Introduction to 21st Century Skills

Introduction to 21st Century Skills

The world is changing fast, and the future is more challenging and unpredictable than ever before. What will really determine your success is in your career are not just the things you learned in class but the skills you develop and practice well. Building a broad skill-set takes conscious effort, to ensure you are well-rounded in areas like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and more. Understanding the concept of "21st Century Skills" will help you adapt, perform and succeed in tomorrow's challenging environment. This course will introduce you to what 21st Century skills are, why they are important, and how to nurture them in a practical way.

Last Update 04/26/2022
Completion Time 2 hours 2 minutes
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    • 01. Introduction
    • 02. 21st Century Skills for dummies
    • 03. Critical Thinking
    • 04. Creativity
    • 05. Collaboration
    • 06. Communication
    • 07. Literacy Skills
    • 08. Flexibility and Adaptability
    • 09. Leadership
    • 10. Initiative and Self Direction
    • 11. Productivity and Accountability
    • 12. Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
    • 13. Conclusion
    • Assessment and Certificate