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Introduction to climate change

Introduction to climate change

BYLCx is proud to announce the launch of its first micro-course, "Introduction to Climate Change." In our continuous commitment to education, engagement, and empowerment, we bring forth this essential course designed to equip the youth of Bangladesh with knowledge and skills to address one of the most significant challenges of our era - climate change.

Course Overview:

1. Introduction to Climate Change: Explore the fundamental concepts and definitions associated with climate change.

2. Historical Context: Delve into climate change science's historical background and evolution.

3. Global Impact: Understand the far-reaching consequences of climate change on a global scale

4. Sustainable Practices: Explore solutions and sustainable practices to mitigate the effects of human activities on climate change.

Last Update 11/15/2023
Completion Time 21 minutes
Members 176
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    • 02: What is green house effect and how it is connected to climate change
    • Infographics: Greenhouse Effect
    • 03: Impacts of climate change on Bangladesh
    • 04: How to live a climate-friendly life
    • Checklist: Living a climate-friendly life
    • Assessment and Certificate