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Networking 101

Networking 101

If you believe that only the extroverts can excel at networking, and you have to be fake to be good at networking, you should take this course. If you think the hardest step of networking is starting a conversation, this course is for you. If you want to learn how to use social media to expand your network, this course will help you as well.
In this course, Career Counsellor Farah Chowdhury guides you to identify the most important people in your network and helps you prioritize who is most critical to your success. You would also learn how to make the best use of networking events. Last, she helps put all the elements together into a plan you can use to become a better networker.

Last Update 05/22/2020
Completion Time 51 minutes
Members 1297
    • 01 Introduction and Welcome
    • 02 Should I Network with Only the VIPs?
    • 03 Should I Give or Should I Take to Build a Professional Network?
    • 04 How to Identify the Most Important Contacts
    • 05 Getting out of Your Comfort Zone
    • 06 Making Recurring Connections
    • 07 Exploring the Principles of Recurring Connections
    • 08 Choosing the Right Social Networks for Networking
    • 09 Using Social Media to Connect
    • 10 Balancing Your Time for Social Networking
    • 11 Using Other Technologies to Connect
    • 12 Final Thoughts
    • Notes
    • Assessment and Certificate