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Skills and Strategies for Negotiation

Skills and Strategies for Negotiation

You have received an offer for a job you will enjoy, but the pay is lower than you expected. You ask your potential manager whether he is flexible in raising the pay and he says, “This job is not just about money. People work here with a lot of passion. I want you to think and set your priorities accordingly.” This situation is difficult to handle and is emblematic of how complex job negotiation can be.

Our course is designed based on the real-life experience of negotiation between the recruiters and job seekers in terms of employee rights, power, value, concession and many more. The complexity in the negotiation itself creates opportunities for people who know how to negotiate better. Keeping this evident, this course aims to expose you to situations that need a quick and strategic response. You will have a better understanding of different negotiation theory with relevant examples once you complete the course. It will lead you to become one of the strongest candidates trained in effective negotiating strategies.

Like all other courses at BYLCx, this course uses a combination of video lectures, text summary, and a quiz to help learners understand each concept perfectly before proceeding to the next. Whereas appropriate, the course provides template documents so that the learners can put their learnings into practice.

Last Update 05/22/2020
Completion Time 47 minutes
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    • Introduction to Negotiation
    • Course Outline
    • Two Factors
    • BATNA
    • Reservation Price (RP)
    • Making Concessions
    • The Other Tactics and Example
    • Two Types of Negotiation Mindset
    • The Issue of Power in Negotiation
    • Dealing with Irrational or Illogical Negotiator
    • Reputation and Ethics
    • Factors Influencing a Win-win situation
    • Value Creation
    • Conclusion
    • Assessment and Certificate