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The Art of Public Speaking
In life, in school, and in business, we are often faced with the task of presenting our thoughts and ideas in front of people. Whether you are an entrepreneur pitching an amazing idea, a student giving an important presentation in front of a class, or a teacher looking to captivate your students, you know that talking in front of people can be difficult. Often, a good idea can fail to reach the audience if the speaker doesn’t know how to deliver it effectively.

This course gives you reliable techniques for delivering a powerful public speech capable of leaving a lasting impression. After completing this course, you will be ready to deliver your ideas and speech memorably to an audience. If you are a beginner, this course will help you quickly master the fundamentals of public speaking. If you are a seasoned speaker, it will help you better understand public speaking and push you to the next level of mastery.
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Skills and Strategies for Negotiation
You have received an offer for a job you will enjoy, but the pay is lower than you expected. You ask your potential manager whether he is flexible in raising the pay and he says, “This job is not just about money. People work here with a lot of passion. I want you to think and set your priorities accordingly.” This situation is difficult to handle and is emblematic of how complex job negotiation can be.

Our course is designed based on the real-life experience of negotiation between the recruiters and job seekers in terms of employee rights, power, value, concession and many more. The complexity in the negotiation itself creates opportunities for people who know how to negotiate better. Keeping this evident, this course aims to expose you to situations that need a quick and strategic response. You will have a better understanding of different negotiation theory with relevant examples once you complete the course. It will lead you to become one of the strongest candidates trained in effective negotiating strategies.

Like all other courses at BYLCx, this course uses a combination of video lectures, text summary, and a quiz to help learners understand each concept perfectly before proceeding to the next. Whereas appropriate, the course provides template documents so that the learners can put their learnings into practice.
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Digital Citizenship
A digital citizen refers to a person who has the skills and knowledge to become responsible and confident while using digital platforms and technologies. BYLCx is offering this course for those who want to use the best of digital technologies and platforms in a respectful and appropriate way. In this course, you will learn:
1. What digital footprint is and how to control your own
2. How you can protect yourself by understanding the tools and techniques for digital safety and security
3. Your digital rights and responsibilities will help you protect your online property and deal with cybercrime.
4. Digital communication, online research, online shopping, and digital etiquette
5. How to maintain your digital health and wellbeing.
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Due Diligence for Startups
In the booming entrepreneurial era of Bangladesh, every startup will require investments to scale up their business. No matter the niche of their business, only adequate investment and scalability can give a company new height in their startup journey. And when an investor invests in any company at a certain valuation, he or she will be investigating every aspect of the claim that an entrepreneur makes.

And to be transparent in the investment journey, a startup will have to go through a rigorous due diligence to justify all of its claims. Hence we are here with ''Due Diligence for Startup'' . After completing this course, you'll know the A to Z journey a startup endure when raising investments. This course will educate you about all the aspects regarding proper "Legal, Secretarial & Financial Compliance Due Diligence" and "Financial & Operational Due Diligence".

So enroll into the course right away and take the first step towards becoming investment ready.

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Go-to-market Strategy for Startup
Go-to-market(GTM) strategy is your way to declare that your solution is way better than the status quo. The GTM strategy will help a business clarify what's the solution, for whom the solution is, How it'll solve the problem and where it will solve the problem. Hence, It'll define your ideal customer, simplify your communication and position your product for launching. Learn to create business model canvas, buyer persona, brand positioning and define your target market before launching your product in this ''Go-to-market Strategy for Startup'' Course.

Establishing a go-to-market strategy is crucial for both existing businesses and start-up ventures. Learn more about the goals of GTM strategies, see some of them in action, and discover how to develop your own in this course.
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Development Sector Career Bootcamp: Part-4
BYLC Career Bootcamp on Development Sector 2022 is a one-month-long program from July 7 - August 7, 2022. The purpose of the program is to equip the participants with first-hand knowledge and skills required to enter the development sector from esteemed faculty members and renowned industry experts. The participants would attend in online and physical classes regularly, complete online learning modules designed to enhance their employability skills, and initiate community development projects. All the pieces work together to give them sustainable confidence, clarity, and unconventional career-building skills in this sector. Moreover, the graduates of the BYLC Career Bootcamp on Development Sector 2022 will be able to avail career mentoring and job placement opportunities by the BYLC Office of Professional Development in NGOs, INGOs, and similar development organizations.
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