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Business Presentation Basics

Business Presentation Basics

An effective business presentation requires applying storytelling techniques, crunching data using excel, implementing design principles, and above all speaking with confidence. This course teaches how to put all these skills together to deliver your next killer presentation.

Last Update 04/20/2020
Completion Time 1 hour 25 minutes
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    • Welcome to the Course
    • The 5 Step Approach for Effective Business Presentation
    • Step 1- Why?
    • Continuation of Step 1- For Whom?
    • Step 2 - Mind Mapping to Ideate
    • Continuation of Step 2 - Four ‘I’s, Do’s, and Don’ts for Presentation Introduction
    • Final Part of Step 2 - Do’s and Don’ts for an Effective Ending for Your Presentation
    • Step 3 - Tips to Plan and Prepare Visuals
    • Step 4 - Be ready to be questioned
    • Step 5 - How to Practice Your Presentation
    • Impromptu Business Presentations
    • Professional Presence
    • Verbal Communication for Business Presentation
    • Nonverbal Communication for Business Presentation
    • Becoming an Active Listener
    • Types of Slides You Should Choose From
    • How to Structure Your Storyline
    • Creating a Storyboard
    • Course Summary and Steps Forward
    • Assessment and Certificate