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Career: Succeed from Day One

Career: Succeed from Day One

A lot of uncertainty comes with a new job. You will encounter a new environment, meet new people, and will handle a new set of responsibilities. This might seem a little overwhelming at the beginning but remember that it is the best time to establish your professional brand and chart your career course.

This course is designed for people who want to be recognized as a valuable team member at his new workplace. It discusses various strategies a recruiter can follow to highlight his/her visibility. You will get a thorough idea of how to adopt long term strategies, find mentors, create a support network, and communicate effectively with colleagues and supervisors once you complete the course. It will assist you in each step every time you need guidelines to make a smart move at your new workplace.</p>

Like all other courses at BYLCx, this course uses a combination of video lectures, text summary, and a quiz to help learners understand each concept perfectly before proceeding to the next. Whereas appropriate, the course provides template documents so that the learners can put their learnings into practice.

Last Update 05/22/2020
Completion Time 52 minutes
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    • 01. Welcome to the Course
    • 02. Prepare for Your First Day at Work
    • 03. Long-term Strategy
    • 04. Feeling Overwhelmed is Normal at the Beginning
    • 05. Attend to Your New Job with Humility
    • 06. How to Measure Your Success at Job
    • 07. How to Communicate with Your Boss Effectively
    • 08. Building a Support Network
    • 09. Finding a Mentor
    • 10. Important Tips to Remember
    • 11. Conclusion
    • Career: Succeed from Day One
    • Assessment and Certificate