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Development Sector Career Bootcamp: Part-4

Development Sector Career Bootcamp: Part-4

BYLC Career Bootcamp on Development Sector 2022 is a one-month-long program from July 7 - August 7, 2022. The purpose of the program is to equip the participants with first-hand knowledge and skills required to enter the development sector from esteemed faculty members and renowned industry experts. The participants would attend in online and physical classes regularly, complete online learning modules designed to enhance their employability skills, and initiate community development projects. All the pieces work together to give them sustainable confidence, clarity, and unconventional career-building skills in this sector. Moreover, the graduates of the BYLC Career Bootcamp on Development Sector 2022 will be able to avail career mentoring and job placement opportunities by the BYLC Office of Professional Development in NGOs, INGOs, and similar development organizations.

Last Update 08/04/2022
Completion Time 1 hour 53 minutes
Members 180
  • Networking in Development Sector
    • 01. Introduction
    • 02. Types of Network
    • 03. How to build a recurring network
    • 04. Ways of networking for young professionals
    • Notes: Networking in Development Sector
  • Negotiating Job Offer
    • 01. Welcome to the Video
    • 02. Common Negotiation Myths
    • 03. Research and Do Your HomeWork!
    • 04. Know Your Must Haves, Walkaways, and Trade Offs
    • 05. Prepare Your Salary Story
    • 06. After Receiving an Offer
    • 07. 5 Key Compensation Terms and Factors
    • 08. Align Yourself with Offerred Compensation
    • 09. Negotiables and Non Negotiables in Job Offer
    • 10. Prepare Questions and Counter Points
    • 11. Negotiation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
    • 12. Few Unexpected Situations
    • 13. How to Negotiate When It is Your First Job
    • 14 Negotiate a New Role at Your Company
    • 15. How to Give Notice Whille Leaving Your Old Job
    • 16. Conclusion
    • Assessment