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Effective Body Language for Leadership

Effective Body Language for Leadership

Whether we like it or not, our body always speaks. It tells people if we are confident or shaky, welcoming or reserved, sincere or distant. If we do not pay attention to our body language, we might convey unintended messages. Your body language must be in sync with what you say. Body language is especially important when you are looking to inspire people to action. Body language is the secret to establishing a leadership presence.
This course offers some practical tips to improve your non-verbal signals to make a strong first impression. In addition to explaining the common mistakes in non-verbal communication, it discusses the best practices. The topics discussed in this course can be useful in team meetings, public speaking, and networking events, etc. This course will accelerate growth and success for young graduates, professionals, and people in leadership roles.

Last Update 04/20/2020
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    • Welcome to the Course
    • Importance of Body Language in Workplace
    • Wrong Impressions
    • Synching Body Language with Speech
    • Creating Positive First Impression
    • Handshake Etiquette
    • Vocal Tone
    • Creating a Leadership Presence
    • Building Confidence
    • Warmth and Empathy
    • Communicating with Hand Gestures
    • Communicating with Feet Movement
    • Know the Use of Space
    • Conclusion
    • Assessment and Certificate