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Finance Essentials

Finance Essentials

This course covers the key concepts of finance anyone from any profession needs to know about to manage their finances better. We have carefully avoided the use of any jargon whereas possible to make the content accessible for everyone.
The course will give students an understanding of three key financial statements of a business. Upon completing the course, students would be able to assess the performance and financial health of a company. To get the most out of this course, a student should make as many financial statements as possible by visiting any public company’s website.

Last Update 05/22/2020
Completion Time 50 minutes
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    • 01. Introduction
    • 02. What You Should Expect from This Course
    • 03. Defnition of Finance
    • 04. Finance: The Large Picture
    • 05. The Aspect of Accounting in Finance
    • 06. Balance Sheet: Part I
    • 07. Balance Sheet: Part I Continued
    • 08. Balance Sheet: Part II
    • 09. Income Statement
    • 10. Cash Flow
    • 11. Wrapping-up
    • Finance Essentials Notes
    • Finance Essentials