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Giving Your Elevator Pitch

Giving Your Elevator Pitch

Imagine this scenario. You have an unplanned chance to introduce yourself to someone that can make a significant difference to your career or startup. This opportunity could change the direction of your professional life or business, but you only have a few moments to convince them to take an interest. Introducing yourself or your business to someone within a minute or less is called an elevator pitch, and this sort of situation is more common than you may think.
In this course, you will learn tips on how to prepare and deliver an effective elevator pitch so that you maximize your chances of engaging important stakeholders to get ahead with your career or business.

Last Update 05/23/2020
Completion Time 24 minutes
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    • 1. Welcome and introduction to elevator pitch
    • 2. What is an elevator pitch and why do you need It
    • 3. How to begin a life long connection with someone
    • 4. Structure and qualities of an effective elevator pitch
    • 5. Departing advice; Connections and relationship tools
    • Assessment and Certificate