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Go-to-market Strategy for Startup

Go-to-market Strategy for Startup

Go-to-market(GTM) strategy is your way to declare that your solution is way better than the status quo. The GTM strategy will help a business clarify what's the solution, for whom the solution is, How it'll solve the problem and where it will solve the problem. Hence, It'll define your ideal customer, simplify your communication and position your product for launching. Learn to create business model canvas, buyer persona, brand positioning and define your target market before launching your product in this ''Go-to-market Strategy for Startup'' Course.

Establishing a go-to-market strategy is crucial for both existing businesses and start-up ventures. Learn more about the goals of GTM strategies, see some of them in action, and discover how to develop your own in this course.

Last Update 09/12/2022
Completion Time 1 hour 32 minutes
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    • 1. Introduction to the Course
    • 2. What is GTM.
    • 3. What is Business Model Canvas
    • 4. Example of Business Model Canvas
    • 5. Fundamentals of GTM
    • 6. What, Who, How and Where
    • 7. Target Market
    • 8. Buyer Persona
    • 9. Practical Example of Buyer Persona.
    • 10. Introduction to Brand Positioning
    • 11. Brand Positioning Task and Measurement Tools
    • 12. Difference Between GTM and Business plan
    • 13. Example of a Complete GTM Strategy Part-1
    • 14 . Example of a Complete GTM Strategy Part-2
    • 15. Example of a Complete GTM Strategy Part-3
    • 16. Example of a Complete GTM Strategy Part-4
    • Assessment & Certification