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How to Write a Powerful Speech

How to Write a Powerful Speech

This course will equip you with the tools and techniques to write exceptional speeches. So whether you are a student or working at an office; whether you are speaking at a function or struggling to organize your next presentation this course is for you.

The series of video lectures will help you in coming up with ideas and then finally putting pen to paper. Along the way, you’ll learn many tips and tricks to research, support and organize your content.

Last Update 04/20/2020
Completion Time 22 minutes
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    • Introduction to Writing a Powerful Speech
    • Picking the Perfect Topic
    • How and Where to Gather the Key Arguments for Your Speech
    • How to Organize the Arguments of Your Speech
    • What are Supporting Materials and How to Organize Them
    • Keeping Your Audience Engaged by Using Signposts
    • Capture Attention with a Strong Introduction
    • Make a Lasting Impression with a Strong Conclusion
    • How Do I Write an Outline of My Speech?
    • Assessment and Certificate