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Kick-start Your Career

Kick-start Your Career

A career is a lifelong journey full of challenges and growth, but getting started is often the hardest part. Finding a suitable job depends on many factors, but if you treat your job search as a project and follow best practices, you will greatly increase your chances of finding good opportunities that you can convert into job offers.

Kick-start Your Career takes you through the entire process of finding the job that's right for you, starting with developing a personal plan, getting noticed with online profiles, getting selected with strong applications, acing job interviews, as well as preparing for success when you do get an offer. The content is packed into short videos with useful templates and resources in each section. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and Kick-start Your Career!

Last Update 06/19/2022
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  • Design your Career:
  • Finding Opportunities:
    • Get started on LinkedIn
    • Jobs on LinkedIn
    • Get Started on BDjobs
    • Jobs on BDjobs
    • Facebook groups and other resources
    • Resource list
  • Getting Noticed:
    • Understanding CVs and Resumes
    • Resume Template (General)
    • Resume Template (Graphic)
    • Prepare your Resume
    • Get your Application Noticed
    • Sample cover letters
  • Getting Selected:
    • Prepping for your Interview
    • Acing the Interview
    • Common interview questions
  • Prepare for Success:
    • Terms of Employment
    • Free preview
    • Community
    • Assessment and Certificate