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Overcoming Procrastination: Tools and Tactics

Overcoming Procrastination: Tools and Tactics

Do you often find yourself delaying a task in hand? We usually procrastinate when a certain task becomes difficult or requires more motivation than we have in a given moment. It actually deteriorates the quality of work, sometimes even links to lower salary provision or unemployment.
This course on beating procrastination is for those who want to overcome this habit and become active in their lifestyles- be it personal or professional. Here, we will discuss some salient strategies to conquering procrastination that individuals have found effective and feasible. Ranging from the definition to reasons and effective solutions- this course is a complete guide to fight any distraction or interruption causing procrastination. You will learn to set your priorities and overcome the creative blocks that hinder your progress and limit your time management sense once you go through the curriculum.
Like all other courses at BYLCx, this course uses a combination of video lectures, text summary, and a quiz to help learners understand each concept perfectly before proceeding to the next. Whereas appropriate, the course provides template documents so that the learners can put their learnings into practice.

Last Update 05/22/2020
Completion Time 50 minutes
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    • 01. Welcome to the Course
    • 02: How to Understand If You Are Not Procrastinating
    • 03. Stalling Technique
    • 04. The Patterns of Stalling Techniques
    • 05: Procrastination versus Prioritization
    • 06: Procrastination Mindset
    • 07: Reasons for Procrastination
    • 08: Self-Esteem
    • 09: Dividing the Workload
    • 10. Overcoming Creative Blocks
    • 11. Avoiding Distractions
    • 12. Perfectionist Attitude
    • 13. Conclusion
    • Notes: Overcoming Procrastination: Tools and Tactics
    • Assessment and Certificate