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Personal Finance Management for Entrepreneurs

Personal Finance Management for Entrepreneurs

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or already running a start-up, how you manage your personal finances will have a decisive effect on how far you get. Just as you plan for your business, having a strategy for your own finances can help you get through hard times and jump ahead when the time is right. Learn how you make a plan to save money and be your own investor, how to manage your personal needs on an uncertain income, plan how much to pay yourself in the short run while maximizing long term investment, and much more, so your personal and business financial plans are in perfectly in-sync.

Last Update 07/15/2021
Completion Time 49 minutes
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    • 1. Introduction to Personal Finance Management for Entrepreneurs
    • Course Resources
  • Basic Financial Management:
    • 2. Saving for Business Investment
    • 3. Managing Personal Income and Cash-flow
    • 4. Crisis Management
  • Theory and Concepts:
    • 5. Power of Compounding
    • 6. True Cost of Debt
    • 7. Time Value of Money
  • Banking:
    • 8. Financial Institutions
    • 9. Financial Products
    • 10. Credit Cards
  • Flourishing your Business:
    • 11. Understand Business Finance
    • 12. Focus on Growth
    • 13. Rational Commitment
  • Building Wealth:
    • 14. Retirement Planning
    • 15. Insurance
    • 16. Saving and Investing
    • Assessment and Certificate