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PowerPoint Basics for Presentation for ACE

PowerPoint Basics for Presentation for ACE

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular and effective program that allows users to present data, visuals, and other content in an engaging way. In this course, you will get a solid understanding of the basic tools that PowerPoint offers and learn how to use them. With a hands-on approach, you will start to develop skills that would help you develop smart, informative, and vivid presentations. By the end of this course, you will be able to make presentations that will help you tell compelling stories.
This course uses a combination of video lecture and quiz to help learners understand each concept perfectly before proceeding to the next.

Last Update 10/04/2020
Completion Time 1 hour 20 minutes
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    • 01. Welcome to the Course
    • 02. Presentation Gallery
    • 03. Quick Access Toolbar, Ribbon, and Slides Tab
    • 04. The Status Bar
    • 05. Creating Presentation from the Scratch
    • 06. Organizing Slides
    • 07. Adding Text
    • 08. Smart Art
    • 09. Text Formatting
    • 10. Adding and Formatting Image
    • 11. Adding and Editing Video
    • 12. Using Hyperlink Option
    • 13. Changing Theme and Background
    • 14. Applying Transition
    • 15. Applying Animation
    • 16. While Presenting
    • 17. Presenter View
    • 18. Print and PDF
    • 19. Few Tips: What Not to Forget
    • 20. Few Tips: What Is More to Remember
    • Assessment