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Succeed in Business Case Competitions - Part 1

Succeed in Business Case Competitions - Part 1

Business competitions are one of the most appreciated extracurricular activities by employers. For a student making their way into the corporate world, participation in business competitions will not only make them stand out from other job applicants, but will help them develop insights and skills that will be invaluable as they start their careers.
This course is specifically designed for beginners who seek to improve their performance during business competitions. After completing this course, you will be able to understand key business models, advanced infographics-based presentations, how to deliver insights with impact, basic financial analysis, team management, and more.
This is part 1 of our 2 part course on business competitions.
Md Sobhan Chowdhury is a corporate professional with extensive experience participating in different national business case competitions during his academic years. He is a self-taught business competition enthusiast which helped him learn the art of presenting and engaging in different business cases with exceptional success.

Last Update 06/07/2021
Completion Time 1 hour 22 minutes
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    • 1 Business competition and types
    • 2 Benefits of business competition
    • 3 Business competition team formation
    • 4 Team collaboration & co-ordination
    • 5.1 Business case models - part 1
    • 5.2 Business case models & timeline - part 2
    • 6 Big idea!
    • Assessment and Certificate