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The Problem Solver's Toolbox

The Problem Solver's Toolbox

Problem-solving is consistently rated as one of the highest sought out skills across the industries worldwide. In today’s world, to succeed in the academic and professional world, the need for becoming a good problem solver is paramount.
The course approaches problem solving in a strategic and systematic way, aiming to provide foundational skills of problem solving applicable across many disciplines and types of problems. It entails concepts, frameworks, and strategic approaches to problem solving. Following the concepts and strategies, the course demonstrates the application of the learned concepts, frameworks, and strategies through real-world problems, adapted to the needs of analytical admissions and job placement exams.
The course is prepared for anybody who wants to learn problem solving in a strategic and systematic way. The course is especially helpful for students who want to ace admissions and job placement exams since we tried to incorporate topics that are tested across the admissions and job placement assessments. Learners from any background can take this course.

Last Update 05/16/2020
Completion Time 2 hours 32 minutes
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    • 01. Welcome to the Course
    • 02. What Is Problem Solving
    • 03. Why Problem Solving
    • 04. What Will You Learn from This Course
    • 05. Systematic Versus Intuitive Approach
    • 06. Types of Problems: Well-defined Problem
    • 07. Types of Problems: Moderately Defined Problem
    • 08. Introduction to Puzzle Solving
    • 09. Puzzle Solving- Overview
    • 10. Puzzle Solving- Sketching Part 1
    • 11. Puzzle Solving- Sketching Part 2
    • 12. Puzzle Solving- Rules
    • 13. Puzzle Solving- Deduction
    • 14. Puzzle Solving- Questions
    • 15. Additional Puzzle Solving Tips
    • 16. Introduction and Importance of Data Sufficiency
    • 17. Data Sufficiency Strategies
    • 18. Data Sufficiency Demo Problems
    • 19. Learning Goals of Week Four
    • 20. General Framework to Moderately Defined Problem Solving
    • 21. Pareto Principle
    • 22. MECE Framework
    • 23. SMART Goal Setting
    • 24. Cause and Effect Diagram
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    • The Problem Solver's Toolbox