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Volunteerism for Social Change

Volunteerism for Social Change

‘Volunteerism for Social Change’ is a course designed to highlight the different aspects of volunteerism. The course focuses on the benefits and leadership skills that volunteerism offers. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the basics of volunteerism, leadership in volunteerism, communication skills, different scopes of volunteerism, and the importance of mental wellbeing in volunteerism. This course will help students to broaden their vision to serve humanity and see more opportunities in causing social change through volunteerism.

Last Update 05/24/2021
Completion Time 1 hour 27 minutes
Members 3230
    • 1. Introduction to volunteerism
    • 2. Basics of volunteerism
    • 3. Exercise leadership with or without a title
    • 4. Technical vs. adaptive challenge
    • 5. Importance of teamwork (four-player model)
    • 6. Leadership in volunteerism
    • 7. Diagnose the challenges around you
    • 8. Build a powerful team
    • 9. Responding in a crisis situation
    • 10. Effective communication in volunteerism
    • 11. Urgent, important, unnecessary evils
    • 12. Volunteering beyond borders
    • 13. Staying connected to purpose
    • 14. Mental wellbeing in volunteerism
    • 15. Values and volunteerism
    • Assessment and Certificate