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  • Outer journey of leadership
    • Authority vs leadership
    • Technical vs adaptive challenges
    • Diagnose the system
    • How to write a Leadership Failure Case (LFC)
    • Steps to diagnose a Leadership Failure Case (LFC)
    • Mobilize the system
  • Inner journey of leadership
    • Inner journey of leadership
  • Communication
    • Impromptu Public Speaking- Introduction
    • Types of Public Speaking
    • Why Impromptu Speaking Is Important
    • When Impromptu Speaking Is Needed
    • Preparing for the Impromptu Speech
    • What to Do If You Have No Preparation Time
    • Tips to Make Impromptu Speaking Better
    • Special Circumstances
    • Conclusion
    • Quiz - Impromptu Public Speaking
    • Introduction to Writing a Powerful Speech
    • Picking the perfect topic
    • How and Where to Gather the Key Arguments for Your Speech
    • How to Organize the Arguments of Your Speech
    • What are Supporting Materials and How to Organize Them
    • Keeping Your Audience Engaged by Using Signposts
    • Capture Attention with a Strong Introduction
    • Make a Lasting Impression with a Strong Conclusion
    • How Do I Write an Outline of My Speech?
    • Quiz - How to Write a Powerful Speech
    • Art of Public Speaking Course Overview
    • How Loud Should You Speak?
    • Say It Once, Say It Right
    • Keep Your Audience Engaged by Varying Your Volume and Pace
    • How to Make Eye Contact
    • How to Use Your Hand Gesture
    • Do Not Forget to Stand Straight
    • Grabbing the Audience's Attention
    • Quiz - The Art of Public Speaking
    • Effective Body Language Course Overview
    • Is Body Language Your Superpower?
    • Gestures You Use All the Time but You Shouldn't
    • How to Deliver Your Message More Effectively
    • How Can The Use Of Body Language Help You With Better First Impressions
    • How to Properly Shake Hands For Best First Impressions
    • How Your Voice Could Play A Better Role On Creating A First Impression
    • How to Establish a Leadership Presence
    • How to Be More Confident
    • Importance of Warmth and Empathy in Leadership
    • How to Make Better Use of Gestures
    • How to Communicate with Your Feet
    • Types of Gap and How to Use Them in Conversations
    • What You Learned So Far
    • Quiz - Effective Body Language for Leadership