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Entrepreneurship: Managing Financial Uncertainties

Entrepreneurship: Managing Financial Uncertainties

This course has been developed to give a sound understanding of five more common finance related risks in the context of entrepreneurship. This involved discussion on the dangers of fast growth, pricing strategies, tracking accounting, managing operating cycle, and forecasting cashflow. Each of the topics has been explained using easy to follow, relatable examples so that anyone without a formal business education can understand them.

The course has been organised around the five most common risks so it does not delve into definitions. Instead, it prescribes actionable steps that can be taken to tackle each of these challenges.

Last Update 04/20/2020
Completion Time 26 minutes
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    • Welcome to the Course
    • Focus, Background, and Syllabus
    • Insufficient Capital
    • Insufficient Capital Continued
    • Insufficient Capital Continued
    • Poor Cash Management
    • Poor Cash Management II
    • Poor Internal Bookkeeping System
    • Improper Pricing
    • Risk of Uncontrolled Growth
    • Conclusion
    • Assessment and Certificate